A word from our CEO – November 2021

The start of a great adventure on the road to our food autonomy

Last week, Winter Farm inaugurated its very first industrial unit, located in Vaudreuil. Joining us for the occasion were Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation, and Ms. Bicha Ngo, Senior Executive Vice-President, Private Equity, Investissement Québec. The two-phase project, carried out in partnership with family company Les Serres Vaudreuil, is the culmination of many months of work and cooperation.

We were extremely proud to see our vision finally come to life!

Thanks to this 1,150 m2 Winter Farm, 180,000 kg of strawberries will be harvested and sold locally every year. The production equals more than 2 hectares worth of traditional greenhouses, thus making Winter Farm in Vaudreuil the largest vertical controlled-environment strawberry farm in Canada!

The coming months will be dedicated to “harvesting the fruits of innovation”. Fraise d’hiver strawberries will make their progressive market entry in fifteen IGA stores throughout the winter. Grown locally, in an eco-responsible manner and without chemical pesticides, our Fraise d’hiver strawberries offer a real alternative to imports from California and Mexico.

Concurrently, Winter Farm will continue its efforts in order to grow its agrifood network across the province. Advanced discussions have already been undertaken with two local producers. We’re looking forward to telling you more in the coming months.

Finally, our advanced energy management system, now in operation, continues to spark a lot of interest. By redistributing the heat from our production unit lighting systems, one Winter Farm can heat an area up to four times its size. For our producer partners, this technological advance represents significant savings and avoids the use of fossil fuels.

The future of our wintertime agriculture depends on innovation and on recognizing our produce growers’ farming know-how. With this first large-scale unit, Winter Farm joins the trend to make Quebec less dependent on imports and more resilient with regard to climate change.

Thank you for following us on our wonderful adventure.

Alain Brisebois
President and CEO



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