Our approach allows for production on a very large scale. We applaud the innovative urban farms that are supplying the city’s neighbourhoods. Winter Farm develops industrial production solutions that fruit and vegetable farmers can use for operations of any size.
Our design is a modular and stackable closed room that requires no outside light. At this time, the rooms are typically 100 m². Depending on the layout, the rooms can be stacked a few tiers high to increase the density per square metre. A single room can be 5 times more productive per square metre than a greenhouse. Also, fruit and vegetable growers can integrate the rooms with their existing production facilities.
We have started marketing the Winter Berry with IGA. For now, we are working with a few stores on Montréal’s South Shore. This summer, we’ll be getting ready for broader distribution in the fall. Check out the Winter Berry Facebook page to find out how we’re preparing for the fall harvest.
The Winter Berry is now ripening at a farm on Montréal’s South Shore. We are hard at work so that other Winter Farms develop throughout Quebec in the coming year.
Our strawberry plants come from Quebec nurseries, as do the biocontrol agents and soil.